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Endorsements, renewals, and continuing education

This page explains: How to work across state lines, multi-state licensure, and the Nursing Licensure Compact.

The Nursing Licensure Compact: The key to your mobility throughout 25 states

One of the benefits of being a Registered Nurse is that you have a skill set that is in demand everywhere in the US. This gives you the freedom of mobility; however, moving from one state to another can involve a lot of paperwork and can be costly. The National Licensure Compact (NLC) was established to increase nurse's mobility.

Remote States

The NLC allows nurses to work in remote states. Remote states are states that are not your primary state of residence. Your primary state of residence is the state you live in and claim for legal purposes. If your primary state of residence is a compact state and you were granted a multi-state license, you can work in remote states. You can use www.nursys.com to see if you have a multi-state license.

Less Paperwork

How does this impact you if you? Consider the following example. Suppose your primary state of residence is Maryland, a compact state, and you work as a nurse in Delaware, also a compact state. You will not have to apply for endorsement of license in order to work in Delaware. This helps you save money and causes fewer documentation requirements.


You will have to apply for endorsement and pay applicable fees if you change your primary state of residence. When you move, you will have 30 days to practice on your former license (beginning employment start date). If your employment start date occurs before you change your primary state of residence, you have 30 days from the day you have established residence (receiving a drivers license, for example).

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To learn more about the NLC web page, click here.

Click here to view the NLC frequently asked questions page.

Click here to view the NLC's fact sheet for nurses.

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