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Each state needs a competent medical workforce to meet the needs of it’s citizens. However, the requirements for some health care professions are not the same in each state. That is why it is important to find out what is required of you as a future or current registered nurse before moving across state lines. Contact information is located at the bottom of this page.


The following is a general list of requirements for licensure by endorsement:

License verification can be obtained through the Nursys Verification system. - link:

For foreign educated nurses see California RN Licensure Qualifications for Graduates of International Nursing Program.

To apply online you must complete an online Licensure by Endorsement Applicant Identification form.

You can apply for licensure by endorsement online at the BreEze site after completing the Licensure by Endorsement Applicant Identification form.

You should download and print the Application Fee Schedule should you choose to mail in your endorsement application

Further details can be found here or you may email for questions regarding licensure

Cost of application is $100 with Live Scan fingerprinting method and applicable Live Scan site processing fees. For information about the Live Scan process you should visit the Fingerprint Information Page.

If you choose fingerprint card method then the application fee will be $100 plus a $49 fee for fingerprint card.

Additional information regarding licensure by endorsement can be found on the Licensure by Endorsement page.

Continuing Competency

Continuing Education for License Renewal

Registered nurses must complete 30 hours of continuing education every 24 months and pay a renewal fee to retain active licensure status. The provider must be recognized by the BRN and must have an active CEP number. Click hereto see provider status information.

College Courses may count toward continuing education. Each quarter unit is equal to 10 contact hours. Semester units are worth 15 contact hours each.

Any advanced coursework in physical, behavioral or social science may count toward fulfilling continuing education requirements

Click here for more details on continuing education.

Information regarding refresher courses may be found here; however, it should be noted that the California Board of Nursing does not approve or endorse any of the courses (even the ones listed on its website). They recommend that you contact your employer regarding approval of refresher coursework.

This state requires nurses to hold current ACLS certification.

Contact Information

The Board of Registered Nursing is located at:

1747 North Market Boulevard, Suite 150 Sacramento, CA 95834

Please send mail correspondence to:

Board of Registered Nursing P.O. Box 944210 Sacramento, CA 94244-2100

The main line for phone inquiries is:


TTY for the Hearing Impaired: (800) 326-2297

Email for Applicant Services:

Fax number for Applicant Services: (916) 574-7697

Email for Licensee Services:

Fax number for Applicant Services: (916) 574-7699

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